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CBD Extrakte

CBD Extrakte

CBD (cannabidiol) extracts

The offered CBD extracts are produced with CO2 extraction.

This is one of the most potent ways to make CBD extracts.

By extraction, we are able to offer CBD values of up to 99.5%.

All CBD extracts are made from Organic EU Certified Hemp and are nearly THC free.

Model: 211
The CBD Dab Pineapple Express smells really nice like fresh pineapple. The exotic sweet aroma has a slight undertone of cedar and pine notes but is still very fruity. This CBD wax is made from a CBD extract obtained by CO2 extraction.The added terpene comes from Israel and is produced ther..
Ex Tax:20.83€
Model: 212
The CBD Dab Strawberry Diesel smells pleasantly fresh of strawberries.In addition, the aroma is slightly acidic, which guarantees a unique smell.The original variety is a hybrid of NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough. The Dab is made with terpenes that come from Israel.The terpenes are manufactured..
Ex Tax:20.83€
Model: 210
The CBD Dab Tangie has a very fruity orange aroma. The terpene aroma is very sweet and at the same time has a very full juicy character.The Original variety Tangie is a hybrid of California Orange crossed with Skunk by DNA Genetics from the Netherlands.This CBD product is produced by super crit..
Ex Tax:20.83€
Brand: ActiTube Model: 221
The CBD Dab Zkittlez is currently the award-winning variety from California.The aroma is very reminiscent of sweets, it is sweet and smells very fruity of ripe strawberries with a slight undertone of grapefruit.The CBD Wax is produced exclusively from organically produced EU hemp.This CBD Dab i..
Ex Tax:20.83€
Model: 524
The CBD Dab Skunk #1 has a very strong sour lemon flavor, it remind of the aroma of fresh lemon peel and has a slightly sweet undertone.The wax is produced from organically grown hemp, its extracted with CO2 extraction.CO2 extraction is one of the gentlest and cleanest ways to extract the CBD.The us..
Ex Tax:20.83€
Brand: Canvory Model: 903
The CBG (cannabigerol) crystals of Canvory have a CBD content of 97%.The CBG isolate is a crystalline, powdery product.It is made by CO2 extraction and is THC free.The crystals are produced purely naturally from EU-certified organic hemp...
Ex Tax:31.67€
Model: 50001
The CBD oil has a CBD content of 25% (2500mg CBD).It is delivered in a syringe that is refillable.This oil is a full spectrum extract and is produced by gentle CO2 extraction.Manufactured in Switzerland.This is not a food, dietary supplement or cosmetic product.This product is intended exclusively f..
Ex Tax:16.58€
Model: 5550
The CBD oil has a CBD content of 50% (5000mg CBD).The oil delivered in a syringe is a full spectrum extract.It is produced in Switzerland by means of gentle CO2 extraction.And contains no additives.This is not a food, dietary supplement or cosmetic product.This product is intended exclusively for ai..
Ex Tax:33.25€
Model: 121
CBD lifestyle suppositoriesDue to the current legal situation in Austria, we may provide the following product information:Pure lifestyle product, not recommended for use, without healing promise.100% vegan and gluten-free.Keep out of reach of children.Store cool (up to 25 degrees) and protect from ..
Ex Tax:41.58€
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