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Our CBD outdoor flowers are grown organically outside. 

The fresh air and the natural sun rays give these flowers a pronounced terpene profile.

Our outdoor grown flowers have a natural mild smell.

Unlike other CBD outdoor flowers, we offer them almost entirely without seeds.

Our CBD outdoor flowers are not hand finished, for this reason, we are able to offer these flowers cheaper.
Model: 211
he Lemon Skunk is our first CBG variety. It smells very fresh and deliciously like lemon. CBG is another cannabinoid and has very promising properties. This strain comes from Italy and is organically grown outdoors. CBG content up to 9,9 €THC content <0.2%. Outdoor(May co..
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Gorilla 5g
New 2 - 3 Working days
Model: 209
Zur Blüte Gorilla smells very fruity like citrus fruits. The variety comes from Italy and is grown there biologically in a greenhouse.CBD content up to 3,8%THC content below 0,2%This product is a flavoring product.Recycling and further processing prohibited.Not for consumption...
Ex Tax:20.83€
5g Chocolate Skunk 4,16% CBD
New Hot
Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 517
The CBD variety Chocolate Skunk has very mild chocolate notes. This variety also has a light vanilla and lemon aroma. This variety is grown organically in a greenhouse. The country of origin is Italy. CBD content up to 4.16%. THC content under 0,2%. This product is a aroma p..
Ex Tax:16.67€
Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 518
The Buschkraut variety has a very spicy smell with a slight undertone of pepper. As the name suggests, this variety looks rather herbaceous but is a fair offer for the price. CBD content up to 2.76%. THC content under 0.2%. This product is a flavouring product.Further processing ..
Ex Tax:10.42€
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