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Zur Blüte

Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 101
Zur Blüte Afghan is a CBD pollinate made from EU certified hemp.The aroma is natural, neutral, the consistency is soft and resinous.CBD content: 29.00%THC content below 0.2%This product is a flavoring product.Recycling and further processing prohibited.Not intended for consumption.The name is for ma..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 203
The Acne Serum with Salicylic Acid (BHA) is especially suitable for acne skin. The serum regulates excessive sebum production and promotes the regeneration of skin cells. It is quickly absorbed and has a matting effect.In addition to salicylic acid, the added incense also has a strong anti..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 560
CBD Eye Gel is specially formulated to reduce the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines around the eye area. It promotes the natural production of collagen and tightens and smoothes the skin. Puffiness around the eyes is reduced. The eye gel has a cooling effect, which can be intensified by stori..
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Critical Haze
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 208
Zur Blüte Critical Haze convinces with its very fruity and pleasant flowery smell.Our Critical Haze comes from regional cultivation in Austria and is grown organically without the use of pesticides.CBD content: up to 4.14%THC content: <0.2% Indoor without seedsThis product is a flavoring p..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 402
Pure hemp seed oil nourishes the skin in a natural way, prevents it from drying out too much and makes it particularly soft and supple.HEMP BODY LOTION is for pleasant body care, especially after bathing, especially for dry, brittle and sensitive skin.Ingredients (INCI): Cannabis sativa Seed Oil, Co..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 404
Skin mild washing active ingredients develop a particularly mild and creamy foam. The excellent care effect of natural hemp seed oil makes the skin exceptionally soft and supple.Hemp foam bath is suitable for mild cleansing and care, especially of sensitive, rough and chapped skin.Ingredients (INCI)..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 407
A special combination of natural hemp seed oil and other high-quality vegetable oils cares for the hair perfectly and makes it pleasantly soft, loose, supple, naturally shiny, extremely easy to style and effectively prevents the cleavage of the tips.HEMP HAIR RINSE is suitable for all hair types, es..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 408
The high content of pure hemp seed oil and natural beeswax protects and nourishes the skin perfectly and makes it soft and supple.HEMP-HAND CREAM is suitable for protective care, especially of stressed, sensitive and brittle skin.Ingredients (INCI): Cannabis sativa Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Cera..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 409
Natural hempseed oil, pure beeswax and other valuable ingredients maintain the lips sustainably and protect them from unfavorable weather conditions and dehydration.HEMP LIP BALM is particularly suitable for the long-term care of sensitive, brittle and torn lips.Ingredients (INCI): Cannabis sativa S..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 403
The high content of pure hemp seed oil and other, valuable herbal ingredients nourishes the skin and makes it well-gliding, soft and supple.HEMP MASSAGE OIL is particularly suitable for nourishing massage as well as for general skin care.Ingredients (INCI): Cannabis sativa Seed Oil, Triticum vulgare..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 406
Skin-mild washing-active ingredients develop a particularly pleasant and gentle cleaning effect. High-quality hemp seed oil nourishes the hair in a natural way and makes it pleasantly soft, loose and supple.HANF SHAMPOO is suitable for all hair types, especially for damaged and dull hair.Ingredients..
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Brand: Zur Blüte Model: 405
The pleasant foam cleans mildly and gently. The excellent care effect of natural hemp seed oil makes skin and hair pleasantly soft and supple.HEMP SHOWER BATH is suitable for mild cleansing and care, especially of sensitive skin and damaged hair.Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, TEA..
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